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First, I didn't say Christians didn't own slaves, but in those days I guess the

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Teran 29.03.2018
An outstanding point. Dammit, I forgot about that.
Zulukus 07.04.2018
If these guys are the people who hacked/leaked the dnc then the entire russian thing is b.s. and the special investigation is over for trump. Clinotn,obama and the rest of the corrupt clan need special investigations...
Shaktikazahn 16.04.2018
Unless you have something meaningful to add to the OP's discussion then stop your trolling, Bible thief.
Mezilmaran 23.04.2018
When I was younger, I wanted 2 - 3 (but preferred 2). It wasn't even the money, but the attention I could provide.
Zulkilkis 30.04.2018
Ignorance is an insult to the Creator, Jah
Malakazahn 01.05.2018
Ladies, specifically, have any of you watched Red Table Talk? Particularly this one with Gabby Union..
Bazshura 07.05.2018
Other things rather than talking!
Kazramuro 10.05.2018
I was discussing what Gay Pride is about. It is a general societal and cultural phenomenon. That does include a political element, of course.
Vihn 17.05.2018
Tim says there are many sites for correcting Christians telling history, but I don't know what they are. If you find them, I would look.
Moogumuro 23.05.2018
You get ketchup anywhere near my steak and you will get hurt!

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