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But why do you need shades where the sun dont shine anyways? Dumb people.

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Betty boop nude photos
Betty boop nude photos
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Nalrajas 09.06.2018
Research has revealed some amazing things to me.
Magami 10.06.2018
Because making theories based on observation is the essence of science. There are many theories about how the universe came into being.
Yozshutaxe 17.06.2018
Still trying to debate an admitted troll I see. Fuck me you morons are funny as.
JoJobei 27.06.2018
If I recall correctly, the conversations from your side were mostly civil too.
Mikashicage 01.07.2018
If its OK with Jesus, then its OK by me. Just so long as nobody posts stuff like this....
Digami 09.07.2018
Very smart.... and very disgusting
Zulujora 10.07.2018
Nor do you have any idea how ignorant you are. LOL!!
JoJozil 17.07.2018
Certainly, "fortress mentalities" have been named and spoken against. Most here are talking about "evidence", and showing love, as signs of the Divine; love, which St. Paul says, is more important than faith, even. I think it can sometimes seem a little difficult to get right. What is love? Identifying evil can be important, via discernment, but there can be a point where we let ourselves be ruled by it, possibly. Causing the focus to be on evil rather than love.
Daibar 24.07.2018
No, I won't touch your nuts. Unless you ask me nicely.
Nebar 25.07.2018
No. He keeps producing homosexual animals.
Gushura 02.08.2018
I'm so cliquey I invite disqusers to my home to get drunk!
Meztizuru 09.08.2018
Not really. I was asking how do you know the other nations never heard of Solomon's Wisdom? Because this is the context.
Grolrajas 12.08.2018
Citation to authorities is not the fallacy of appeal to authority. The fallacy holds that because an authority said it, it must be true; that is,
Negar 20.08.2018
It is my understanding that the OT prophesy regarding Isreal was fulfilled during the Maccabean Wars or 70 AD, specifically Isaiah and Zechariah. Thank you for your thoughts, Johan. Im not sure how this relates to the topic i.e. the second coming. ???????
Kibei 23.08.2018
"Care to explain how it would be determined that it was the Hebrew "God," as opposed to mere mortals, who killed a couple hundred thousand folks in one night?"
Dozahn 27.08.2018
I included deists in my previous comment. I also explained why non belief was not as prevalent.
Kale 05.09.2018
You should see the inside. All that original woodwork....
Faegore 11.09.2018
So, no evidence. Got it.
Moogukasa 17.09.2018
meeee!! i'd take any bed at this point. i'm so sleepy. also i was having an awesome dream with bruce willis starring as an intergalactic kick ass hero before i was rudely interrupted.
Kazrasho 18.09.2018
Did you first say "the righteous among us" (presumably including yourself in the "us" category) and then go on to suggest that I'm on some sort of pedestal?
Shabar 25.09.2018
The world has gone officially crazy. I can't kill other people's babies. Other ways to have sex. I can't stand it.
Samuramar 05.10.2018
You should make a thread about it.
Brall 07.10.2018
Okay, I'm done. Have a lovely day.
Kelkis 12.10.2018
The next 1000
Akinogar 20.10.2018
waiiiiiittt a minute.... You mean this guy woke up with this look suddenly???
Voodoomuro 31.10.2018
Actually he was chosen as the evangelical's messiah to bring about a christian theocracy in America. The fact evangelicals would put their trust and adoration in such a despicable person speaks volumes about evangelical christianity.
Dall 01.11.2018
I support vouchers.
Brazil 11.11.2018
Get back at an ex? Hell yeah!!

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