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Skinny granny Bossy Rider gets juice flowing

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It makes for a great theological teaching which is fine but the literary content reveles the fictional nature of this story.

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Skinny granny Bossy Rider gets juice flowing
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Dailabar 01.03.2018
another silly article completely ignoring the very good economic numbers Trump inherited, and a lot can happen in 5 short months, especially if one followed the current headlines about his tariff plans
Kik 10.03.2018
Is that their focus? Are they warning the people of the world that Jesus' return is near? Are they teaching according to scripture?
Tauk 17.03.2018
undies, your shirt, and a hair bow.
Nerisar 19.03.2018
Ok, my bad, I'm doing this in between real life. But it seems like a distinction without a difference in this context. Congress recommended the Bible to the inhabitants of the United States, that's what your quote says. I can find plenty more instances of the early government actively promoting christianity if I take the time to check my sources. You're at least familiar with the McGuffey Readers, for instance, which were used into the 20th century?
Meztigore 22.03.2018
Only for the unborn potential ones it seems.
Nikora 30.03.2018
FC. Why is there a need to summarize my garrulous post?
Meziktilar 31.03.2018
You are as fundie about science over morality as any fundie religionist is about mysticism over morality. I no more expect to reach through your blinders than I would expect to reach through those of any fundie. Carry on.
Shasar 02.04.2018
Damn you, Constitution! Damn you to hell!
Tanos 11.04.2018
Ah, paganism. That scary word you fundies toss around to excuse your hatred of other cultures. Still no passage that mentions Halloween?
Nikobei 16.04.2018
I think they are and were but he was a dog.
Jujora 19.04.2018
did my turn. We've been dual income for a while. but winding up with three kids on the autism spectrum sort of ended the sustainability of that.
Dihn 25.04.2018
Because he was running around making up most of it based off his familiarity with the writings of Isaiah, after an epileptic seizure. Again, the fact that the actual apostles were annoyed with Paul and having to contradict his teaching is mentioned in the Epistles and Acts.
Maum 26.04.2018
That's what caused God to go poof in Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.
Zulkigor 30.04.2018
So, going back to my original question. These 600 people are the last of the human race as far as they know. So they will have to shed some partisan ideology like this "liberal" label, simply because it is irrelevant
Dilkree 03.05.2018
I do note that the Trudeau government as insisted that those receiving govt money should agree to a woman's right to choose. That has set a few backs up!
Yojin 07.05.2018
It's fun to me because even if I know that Limo it's for Limousine, in Italian "Limo" means Loam and the idea that Bills runs a "Loam Company" is great!
Kizahn 10.05.2018
Yep, I'd facepalm too if I were you. Any chance I can assist? Lol!!
Mezigal 13.05.2018
We patiently await your evidence for this, oh new person.
Yokazahn 24.05.2018
Yup. He's too good for normal rules.
Tygotilar 30.05.2018
I'm not seeing how you jump from hispanic migrants to the population of the entire world. Hyperbolic exaggeration aside, presenting yourself at the border and requesting asylum is not illegal.
Kazrasho 06.06.2018
I think if a woman has the right outfit on, men remember it. I've gotten compliments on my style from men passerbys that weren't gay. (Although I much prefer the gay compliments as they seem more genuine). Lol, but I am pretty extra as it pertains to fashion - at least compared to the general locale here - so that's probably why.
Maladal 15.06.2018
Human nature counters your argument, don?t you think that it?s more likely that slavery took place because of the profit motive than in the name of God? And that when the profits were not large enough anymore, the trade would be curtailed?
Vogis 24.06.2018
Freaking BOOM. Killin' it, TS ;)
Malagul 27.06.2018
Actually the democratisation of social commentary IS the problem. Don't get me wrong, I'm in favour of maintaining the highest level of internet freedom, but the iherent risk is that some internet users may find it hard filtering all the garbage and misinformation.
Kigajora 29.06.2018
Atheism uses reason to counter religion because the ast majority of religious people can be ignored simply by asking basic questions they can't answer with anything but their scripture or fantasy.
Taushura 07.07.2018
Then you are a determinist and do not believe in free will. Do you understand why - if your assertion is correct - it means that we have no free will?
Zulugor 14.07.2018
Everything that I am too lazy to put down. Perfect!
Zulkinos 20.07.2018
The earth is in the last moments of life? According to whom?
Arashirg 28.07.2018
Do you really think you can prove creation by attacking evolution through quote mining and rhetoric?

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