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You know that America created the majority of problems it currently faces, right? Islamic extremism is a remnant of American intervention in the Middle East during the Cold War. America also has a long history of supporting insurgencies and instability in Latin America.

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Fat amateur teen fat redhead
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Shakazshura 09.03.2018
Being a newborn is not a sin. Being a sinner is not a sin. Sinning is a sin.
Tojarisar 13.03.2018
See thing about it is, most places won't let you get surgery to not have children until you're late twenties, early thirties, or have two kids.
Mezigar 16.03.2018
I couldn?t agree more.
Kagara 26.03.2018
Seth Rich...Wikiliaks source
Damuro 28.03.2018
Which came first, the Christian or the Christ? :-)
Faular 01.04.2018
Explain your answer again, but consider what life is like for someone with schizophrenia when you do so.
Mazusho 03.04.2018
It could be off by a lot. Depending on the solar cycles and the waxing and waning of the cosmic ray levels that do accompany those cycles.
Mull 13.04.2018
Like the frog in the slowly heating saucepan who doesn't realize the temperature rising until too late...
Moogura 24.04.2018
The universe seems to be really good at making black holes. Or at least, regions of extremely high density - far too dense to allow life as we understand it.
Miran 01.05.2018
Let's not be too hasty. Mike Pence is even worse. It's already getting there, but he'd make America as close to a theocracy as possible.
Brashura 05.05.2018
Why weren't the officers FIRED>>>>>>
Talmaran 10.05.2018
You rock, Cranky Old Man! :-)
Sagal 11.05.2018
Props for the effort!
Gogal 18.05.2018
If you cannot afford a family, don't have one.
Nikasa 25.05.2018
"Debates are raging about how we, as Christians, should relate to politics and government"
Zulkibar 30.05.2018
Generally we don?t use a comma before a conjunction lol
Samugami 03.06.2018
"When they write into law a word like "islamophobia" you don't consider that pandering?"
Goltira 09.06.2018
I'm actually squinting at the channel, not the
Zujar 15.06.2018
"Attempting to us...."
Arakazahn 21.06.2018
Why do so many people mess with the baby's natural amenities and call it 'god's will' to change them for life, hey have no say so, so why does one take it upon themselves to assume this is 'best for them'?
Gocage 24.06.2018
You can support the person without supporting the sin. There are a number of unnatural sexual desires from pedophilia to Beastieality and everything in between. You can love the person yet still try to get them help.
Faenris 29.06.2018
Uhhh, I am a born again Christian and the things you describe are NOTHING like what I experience at Church.

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