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"Kinds" is not a scientific word or definition. If you want to argue that common descent is wrong as a scientific conclusion you need to use science. Theology is not part of science.

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Arajar 14.05.2018
and the logical thing to do when faced with insufficient evidence is to withhold belief, not give it
Araktilar 21.05.2018
I'm pretty sure that's in VERY rare cases when the woman has more than one uterus.
Mauhn 31.05.2018
Great, provide some links please, that was all about I was asking.
Faumuro 03.06.2018
Thank you for that reference to "
Vudoshura 08.06.2018
The mall cop on a Seg Way, in the Progressive Insurance commercial..."Wha...?"
Sajind 13.06.2018
Nice! TWERKFEST 2018!
Fele 18.06.2018
Totally agree with you. At the time I made that statement I had not looked into major climatic changes around that time. It makes far more sense that it was the result of a major environmental change than that it simply happens on a regular cycle. I was also influenced by a reviewer saying that species become new species roughly every 200 000 years due to accumulated genetic changes. They didn't actually present any evidence for that, though.
Arashakar 24.06.2018
I read somewhere underneath someone post about using the WWJD card. Its true. The left uses identity politics to fight and have used this to convince Christians they must go along with unconstitutional bills to prove they are true believers.
Karamar 30.06.2018
But you don't have the right god. That's the trouble. You say your god said all these things without having any proof. You say all these things are Christ said without any proof. You would have solid proof if there was at least one thing written by or about the man while he was alive. You have no idea what was in the mind of the writers other than they believed in something and wrote about it. There is so much that is mythical about Christ. There is everything about him that is of other people. Most of the sayings that you parrot that is about good living is from the old testament, not from the mind of Christ.
Faurr 03.07.2018
I know you would, but this isn't really about you
Tojazshura 06.07.2018
How many are dying? Baby boomers are now between 52 and 70 years old. While the strain is not going away in the near future, it is going to go away.
Mikakasa 10.07.2018
I can't wait for Avengers 4
Taur 18.07.2018
How is that even possible? You can not change the ACTUAL writing. It is what it is. All you can do is get follower to a place where they realize that it is either; outdated, incorrect or not literal. Which is exactly what has happened. Why you chose to overlook that fact is the part that is bewildering.
Tobei 20.07.2018
You have egregiously distorted what I wrote. Read it again. I expect you to delete your distortion and/or apologize.
Ner 20.07.2018
Mine will be 46 Sunday
Virn 30.07.2018
It's only a miscarriage, not the trenches in WWI.
Yonris 08.08.2018
They both stink.
Sale 12.08.2018
Why thank you for providing options.
Fenrisho 15.08.2018
BULLSHIT you did what any WILLING PAWN does!
Bashura 17.08.2018
Oh, but you are. You are trying to impose the view that gay and transgendered people aren't part of normal society, are too dangerous to be allowed around children and should be shunned and kept out of certain professions. As if treating LGBT people with dignity and showing children there's nothing to be frightened of will somehow cause teh ghey to rub off on kids, as though it's an infection of some sort. You haven't stated one reasoned objection about what is being taught, just asserted a fear that they're there, in the classroom.

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