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Mommy and Me 9

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Mommy and Me 9

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Yours go's Morons Are Governing Again

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Public HD sex video
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Akinoramar 08.04.2018
Okay science denier, we will just have to agree to disagree. I will continue to side with science and you can continue to pretend the science does not exist, so as to not interfere with your unborn baby killing agenda.
Yorr 09.04.2018
I don't see anything about dingos specifically on that link. In context, it seems to be about the dogs we keep as pets. See
Mokree 10.04.2018
You are more concerned with what humans would do? Last I checked God did far worse than both Jesus and Mohammad combined. But nice of you to show your very obvious bias on the subject
Gutaxe 19.04.2018
You have been hanging out with the wrong atheists. :) Either that, or you have a bogeyman you've built up in your mind with no actual human contact with someone who doesn't believe what you do.
Kigacage 26.04.2018
They don't care about healthcare.
Kagagor 29.04.2018
From what I have read they can but at lower rates than dogs.
Yozshuzuru 07.05.2018
So based on your last paragraph, I assume since Koreans and Chinese eat dog, you do not think very highly of them as a people group. Or am I reading too much into it?
Gugar 16.05.2018
I see you were hoping for something
Goltisar 22.05.2018
this is as stupid as the guy with 1000 pounds of weed driving with a brake light out
Shakashakar 30.05.2018
They told me to go to a trump lover page because I didn't bash him like they were doing. I am good at pointing out bad on both sides, so when I saw the pile on over something silly. I gave another view that was a example of the left doing the same bs or worse. That didn't go over well, I was told I love trump and than got the boot. It was clear they did not want any view but what they already had. Lol
Sagore 04.06.2018
don't have sound like this or that, it is written that the foolishness of the gospel is whats saves souls... not the wisdom of the world...

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