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Shaved female gynecologist

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Proxy Paige bisexual husband

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Hugs for the anxiety.

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Kenris 01.03.2018
I don't want to believe in things that aren't real. If something has absolutely no objective evidence...then I'm not going to believe it simply because I "want" to.
Meziran 08.03.2018
So yes or no?
Shakasa 19.03.2018
What nukes? You mean the ones the DPRK media tell you they have? LOL. Their capability is like a 5 year old saying his slingshot in his hand is going to beat the 12-gauge shotgun with buckshot at point blank range to his head.
Gogor 27.03.2018
Good Lord how does one get as wrong as you.
Basida 30.03.2018
I'm not following your reasoning.
Kigakora 08.04.2018
No, your attitude is out of step with the entire industrialized world. No one thinks that poverty is a moral failing anymore.
Yotilar 14.04.2018
Yes, hiring a temp, 3rd party contracting the job out. All options. And they weren't given the opportunity to just select one of the example cakes from the store's website where it said they could be customized to the customer's exact specifications. The customer could have just said "I want a #13, no changes required". But they weren't given the opportunity.
Vile 19.04.2018
and studies show the EXACT opposite. There has been no better time to live than now
Kasho 23.04.2018
I took the time to read most of your posts and understand where you are coming from RR. Christianity and the many pseudo-forms of it are a maze that the average unbeliever would never know how to sort through listening to 90+% of those who attend and serve in churches throughout the USA. It was not that much better in the 60's than it is today... it was just a little more pious... That said, it is our tendency as humans to rationalize each situation that we are put in, probably similar to when you had cancer...there were things that you may have reasoned in or out of your life to cope with that wicked disease, just to make sense of things and how to not lose your mind. I have been in some tight places before and know how this works and feels (a little). Back on your current issue, I can see how becoming a Universalist and wanting to stay "Christian" is an issue for you and hence your post. I can assure you that many inside and outside of the church will have many opinions, however you should know the truth at this moment in your life. I don't know all of the specifics of your Christian experience but I do see that you are trying to cope with your heart and Christ. Tough situation. Christ is there with you. Christ never left the Scriptures for expediency or comfort... remember his temptation in the desert. He had not eaten for 40 days and Satan presented all things to Christ in a "reasonable" manner and solution to the issues he was having. Christ was much stronger and faithful than we will ever be walking on this planet. This does not mean that we Christians can throw in the towel when we are in a tough spot and say that Scripture doesn't matter. God's word was good then and not now...this is very deceptive when we are faced with an Eternal God who literally holds time in the palm of his hand and can look ahead / behind/left side/right side of it...very different from out temporal situation here in our minds. Your son said that he is celibate, which is good. Having same-sex or opposite-sex attraction is never a problem, as long as the individual doesn't act on it outside of marriage. There is no such thing as Gay Marriage with God in the Scriptures, marriage is the most sacred thing we humans do and God made and ordained it that way. I really can't understand your church abandoning you at this difficult time...doesn't sound too Christian in my professional opinion (I am a professional fruit inspector). I have 2 daughters that have run far from Christianity and it is something that I pray about regularly...but I know that God is faithful and will intervene. I do not resort to Universalism or something else, I go to the feet of Christ. He is faithful. My job is to trust and even when nothing makes sense to me or those around me, I must trust him. These trials are put specifically in our way for testing...the question is not: can God do anything, the question is will I trust him to take care of business? He made everything and holds it all together so that even the Atheist can wake up to a predictable sunrise tomorrow morning without ever questioning if it will happen. A trap that many fall into is to create a new god that does everything that we want the way that we would do it... Please respond and let me know if you would like to discuss further.
Kagam 01.05.2018
"Ella was shot seven times, her family said, after the alleged gunman arrived at school with two handguns. She was upgraded last week from critical to stable condition.
Nalar 02.05.2018
Let me guess, you were none of the above? HA! Get it....your name....I'll see myself out.
Zolocage 06.05.2018
Read Bible, Quran, .... if all believers would follow their books then Islam and Christianity can only default to total fear. Only good thing majority does not even know what is in books of religion they say they belong to.
JoJoshicage 12.05.2018
This argument presents as part of it's basis that sexual orientation (as well as pedophilia, necrophilia and other things) are somehow
Yozshusida 16.05.2018
Who has to pray to Mary to get to Jesus? That's not true for Catholics. Catholics pray directly to God all the time as well as asking saints (including Mary) to help pray to God also on their behalf.
Tygozil 20.05.2018
Having read it, cover to cover word for word the only conclusion a rational person can make, is that if in fact there were a God as depicted in that work of should be hunted down and killed immediately for the good of humanity
Sajind 22.05.2018
As Darwinism proper is nonsense, you should have no problem defining it, refuting it and collecting your Nobel Prize.
Shanris 24.05.2018
That's you waiting for evidence your religion exist outside your "wishful" thinking.
Vudoshura 30.05.2018
You are right. The lower courts denied him of his constitutional right to the free exercise of his religious views. The 1st amendment states that Congress is forbidden to make any laws that deny him that right. You do understand that most court cases are decided by precedents set in previous cases, especially those brought before the SCOTUS. In every court case, precedents set in previous cases are brought up. That's what lawyers do.
Zolozahn 04.06.2018
No, that's not what we're talking about. We're talking about, "You don't believe it, because you find it implausible." Quit lying.
Tygocage 05.06.2018
I thought you were talking about Charles Whitman.
Meramar 14.06.2018
I think if we physically saw God, would He still be God? He is that sovereign! I don't think people would revere Him as much if He was among us in that sense. Remember when Moses asked God what His Name is so he could tell the Israelites who the one is that's sending him... God responded: "I Am That I Am".
Vubei 24.06.2018
I was thinking Colin Kaepernick. He's looking for work.
Necage 29.06.2018
The Metro Toronto Fire Department are ordering these exoskeletons for use by their firefighters. They're Canadian made, have already debuted in Japan with their Hyper Rescue Unit and with the Germans.
Shaktile 04.07.2018
Does PE fit Genesis?
Nejas 14.07.2018
Geez that's rough. How'd/where'd you make new friends?
Meztitilar 16.07.2018
An unjustified presumption; hence, unworthy of further treatment.
Minris 23.07.2018
Tell your boyfriend because he needs to know what kind of snake he's dealing with to protect himself in the future. Also it isn't good to keep secrets from each other as that can become habit forming.
Juktilar 02.08.2018
Fact: the universe was created supernaturally. 100% of astrophysicists agree.
Mikarr 06.08.2018
This is what I think of whenever anyone shares that terrible xkcd comic about 'showing you the door'. Like, the notion that you are totes free, for realsies, but you'll be fired if you don't toe the line is just pernicious.
Mojar 09.08.2018
Um, who is in charge? And who is in charge provincially, and federally? Ya, that is what I thought.
Kazralabar 13.08.2018
Don't pee on the electric fence.
Faelrajas 18.08.2018
not at all :) LOL!!! Aye live forever by the power of Jesus Christ!! :)
Zugis 19.08.2018
In other words, because you said so, it doesn't exist in anyone other than teens. Again, thus saith NMFG.
Megore 28.08.2018
don't many religions promote 'sticking with your kind' though?
Arashishakar 06.09.2018
I'm Canadian. I get Trumps joke. And just so you know. Conservatives are more pro America in Canada. Not liberals and certainly not NDP. Anti Americanism is alive and well in Canada.

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