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I'm pretty sure we'd have at least a clue as to how old Mary was had she actually existed.

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Deep anal gap
Deep anal gap
Deep anal gap
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Shakajin 13.04.2018
Yeesh... learn to read a metaphor, will ya? "Oak tree" is a stand-in for "person." Not "human dna," not "life," but "person."
Kajimi 22.04.2018
If I told you, I would undercut my business.
Dakus 01.05.2018
One of my son's could date you... heh
Tojasida 07.05.2018
Never understood "follow Jesus" what does that actually mean? I'd like to know.
Zulkigal 09.05.2018
Ah, you may be onto something, Francisco. Imagine a big party, big accomplishment, big question, teensy stone. One of those diamond chips. That would be deflating.
JoJojin 13.05.2018
A number of people used the Court decision to say it was constitutional. So I responded. Please tell them to stop.
Gardami 15.05.2018
Is it? I guess so..... If "it" is, the "it" can't NOT be.
Kajikazahn 26.05.2018
of course you do!
Kezuru 30.05.2018
But, I am sure you would find a silverback cute. Ivanka is a gorgeous woman and Melania is very attractive.
Doktilar 07.06.2018
What specifically do you believe it says?
Nejas 09.06.2018
there is a cli of a dog laying on the ground among the contents of a huge bag of food hes ripped open .and he has a swollen stomace. and he reaches out takes a peice, and groans.. its hilarious, and you feel sorry for the greedy pig.
Tulrajas 17.06.2018
im am worried about one thing... where are we going to get new videos of the fast food employees screwing in the bathrooms and posting them on poonhub....??
Mugore 19.06.2018
Nope. Just my way of saying if you want to make a case that genocide is ok, go ahead--the burden is on you.
Gojinn 29.06.2018
Instead of wasting all of this time and money on a lawsuit he has zero chance of winning (not that his lawyers care $$$$) He could , if he truly cared, put that time and money towards the cause he was protesting for. but instead they lawyers will get the money and Kaepernick will get the attention.
Nigrel 30.06.2018
I'm glad you didn't have that experience.
Mezizragore 07.07.2018
The fetus has rights, but once they are born they are on their own. If the woman is poor, tough luck, the baby shouldn't have been born poor. Or something like that.
Mabei 10.07.2018
Obviously your God is not Infinite then.
Akigami 16.07.2018
You don?t count the fact that atheists took over Russia and killed 50 million
Shaktitilar 22.07.2018
"Confused views, dogma not coherent."
Nikokazahn 23.07.2018
My trained and interested eyes say differently... I see a hemline on that thigh...
Tazragore 31.07.2018
There isn't one. It is not science
Doutaur 05.08.2018
We enjoy mocking Breitbart IQ.
Mukus 13.08.2018
Well, that did, at least, make me smile!
Yozshunris 18.08.2018
OT, I always learn the most delightful use of profanities from you??????I can't wait to randomly shout assdick??
Douk 25.08.2018
I've talked about such things with a friend, but I'd never, EVER do anything more than tell a couple of friends privately about something like this.

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