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I've been so swamped with work this year that I really haven't had much Disqus play time. I'm just taking a bit of a lunch break diversion after being on some tough calls this morning.

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Tushicage 14.03.2018
I didn't realize that the multi-verse was proposed merely as an idea and not as a potential ontological reality.
Mozshura 19.03.2018
It is a old joke. Referring to a department store door man being told to stop on the floor that such and such is sold. But not surprising that someone could get their panties in a bunch over this. They probably should file a lawsuit ASAP.
Tauramar 21.03.2018
Trump's remarks regarding the US leadership in the world during a rally last week in Nashville, at the U.S. Naval Academy commencement ceremony and in off-the-cuff remarks to White House reporters Friday:
Zuzahn 24.03.2018
Are these the scientists who claimed there was an ice age coming or that cow farts were to blame? Are these the same scientists who routinely use false data to make their claims? Or would these be the scientists who through out the data that doesn't support their narrative?
Dourisar 27.03.2018
You are not allow to have a Bible there, either, much less thump one the way you like to.
Kajar 29.03.2018
So you can't show one?
Digal 30.03.2018
Paul's letter was written by far the earliest compared to the other gospels (closer to 40/50 years later). Coincidentally Paul had never even met Jesus (when he was alive). So it's hard to believe that letter was actually written in the time period that it was claimed to be in. More likely it was written far later, but they moved up to fall in line with an alleged sermon in Philippi.
Togal 05.04.2018
The fact that you need and ideology to cling to shows that you are nowhere near ready for the decline of religion.
Basar 11.04.2018
Not all evidence is equal. There is solid evidence of gravity. There is no evidence of Divine authorship of special books.
Meztikazahn 21.04.2018
If that?s the question, what if you were the one left as a stain on a sock?
Doutaur 25.04.2018
Name calling is an across the board fail
Mesida 02.05.2018
I don't really care for the financial / utilitarian argument in support of abortion.
Maura 11.05.2018
Hiya hard place. Meet rock..

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