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Well Emily, I certainly had a wedding-free day! The TV stayed off all day. I avoided looking at any of the papers online all the weekend and quickly switched to another article when I found that even Breitbart could not resist a mention of it! I think that we can be very certain that there will be soap opera type scandals ongoing for some time to come, We ain?t seen nothing yet!

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Juramar 25.05.2018
Better avoid Hank 3 at all cost then.
Fenriran 01.06.2018
Seen it many many times.
Kakinos 10.06.2018
because some of those tricks, eg the endless sea food coming out the bowl, is not possible without a giant set up eg fake table with fake bottom and bowl with fake bottom.
Tugul 13.06.2018
It doesn't condone Philips and his bigotry though.
Meran 15.06.2018
Any sensible person would rather that unwanted pregnancies don't happen. They do.
Tajin 25.06.2018
The only teen movie that gets this right is Clueless. Tai gets a makeover but the popular guy still doesn't want her. Neither does Josh. At the end, she gets with a guy just as goofy as her and Josh gets with Cher, the pretty popular girl.
Ditilar 25.06.2018
I was indoctrinated RCC. I wonder if that's a coincidence?
Mezigul 01.07.2018
Murder still requires intent that someone die. That is absent in this scenario.
Moogut 05.07.2018
Roam, whom I assumed (perhaps incorrectly) was a woman. Also shannon who further commented on rape and it's being less common due to media coverage of war.
Tugis 15.07.2018
I hear there is lots of trannie action in those cities.
Tanris 22.07.2018
I went with a friend this morning and there was no lineup and most of the voters were white and looked to be over 30.
Goltigal 23.07.2018
Are they their own "kind"?
Vudoshakar 28.07.2018
It was called Canada back then
Tojarn 04.08.2018
Historians do think Jesus existed (though he was just an ordinary Jewish apocalyptic), though they don't base that view on the fact that archaeologists found Nazareth.
Baramar 15.08.2018
Would you care to actually answer the question? So far all you have does is respond with logical fallacies and ad hominems. You made the statement, and claimed its absurdity, i'd just like to know what your proof to the claim is, you know, since the burden is on you.
Zulkimi 16.08.2018
He's an establishment RINO. He's almost totally useless except for his Evangelical support.
Shaktishakar 18.08.2018
With friends like the EU, who needs enemies.
Arajinn 21.08.2018
If you want to redefine Christianity for yurself so that only 5% or 1% or 0.1% of self-identified Christians fit your definition, that is up to you. When you try to assert that eveyrone else has to use your definition -- most of the rest of the world will balk.
Zulujinn 29.08.2018
I thought burning flags in parliament was a bit uncivilized. Or would that be considered racist?
Nikokazahn 04.09.2018
Atheism isn't common in these cases.
Brarg 13.09.2018
Short term is just the explanation. Its stasis all around...because its PE. PE fits genesis, whether you like it or not.
Daijar 21.09.2018
Ahh, lol. Sorry, Sometimes I do some flurry typing to get my thoughts out and make a lot of mistakes.
Moogujinn 01.10.2018
Of course they are.
Kit 02.10.2018
FOlks added it up, so if the bible is true, it has a set timeline. This is the same way we can pinpoint the time the mythic flood was claimed to happen.
Shaktigar 08.10.2018
I take his upvote to my comment as acknowledgement to what I had to say.
Gonris 10.10.2018
So if ARs become illegal you won't have any problem turning them in sugar.
Tezshura 12.10.2018
Is the premise of your comment that the ME was always a state of confusion and war, and European powers came to try and fix it with little success. I'm not sure what thst "little sister" bit is about, but maybe it'll become clear once I understand you premise better.
Moogumuro 16.10.2018
Mika speaks for the Me To movement?
Mezihn 22.10.2018
Yep. As long as the two women keep yapping.
Kagasho 29.10.2018
Why not go somewhere else where they are not in place? Why do we need a once size fits all in this case?
Akim 04.11.2018
Also, you are right in your reverse argument, BTW. No one should need a semi-auto for self-defense. If you believe you do, you should move.
Mazur 11.11.2018
By the look of the dancing H/Rs from Brammatown last night i thought i was in another Country

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