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And Russell's Teapot explains why we don't try to prove negatives. The example you have of 'unconditional love' also doesn't exist.

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Ararg 08.06.2018
My 2 cents is this. I am all for clean and renewable forms of energy. Keeping our environment clean is a good thing for all people. However I think humanity is going about it all wrong.
Golkis 10.06.2018
Got to love how Trump trolls world leaders its almost like he is President.
Arashibar 17.06.2018
I wouldnt put a pass to it
Malagis 20.06.2018
Obama's massive ego almost turned America socialist!-- I hate that mofo!
Moshura 28.06.2018
Usually, the aggressive and overly nasty atheists on here eventually end up admitting that they were abused as youngsters, either by family members or someone at church. Glad to hear you're okay.
Mara 06.07.2018
The boarded basement door was a bad sign too.
Kall 13.07.2018
Ah - so gays, blacks, browns, women, smart folks, liberals, scientists, etc. will cause RWNJs to go batshit crazy and start a civil war.
Gokora 19.07.2018
"Care to explain how to distinguish between rational and irrational theology and excellent and inferior apologetics, that is after you explain why theology must be Bible-based?"
Shakagar 29.07.2018
One Darwin award coming up!!!
Nabei 07.08.2018
0, zeroes all the way.
Arashilabar 11.08.2018
I'm not aware of any 'creationist' argument that complexity is the evidence of intelligent design. Creationist arguments are typically based on literal interpretations of the Bible. And intelligent design arguments do not rely solely on complexity. In fact, complexity is only used to rule out chance as a likely explanation.
Zuluzuru 21.08.2018
Paul had an experience that apparently converted him on the spot and he had hated Christians and Christianity. Why would a god do that for him but not everyone else? Jesus even showed his open wounds to Thomas who doubted the resurrection. Yet the rest of us have to take the words of men on faith? No thanks.
Fenrim 23.08.2018
The belief that the Bible is inerrant is a rather modern invention. The scriptures are written by human, not God.
Megami 24.08.2018
She is running for Governor in TN. You have to hit certain notes to get the bible thumpers behind your candidacy.
Vudosar 03.09.2018
The two different standards here are cable vs network.
Sharg 11.09.2018
Aye don't need doctrine, Eye have proof!!! :) LOL!!!
Grokasa 16.09.2018
((crap XD. I'm so not prepared to argue against lol. Too many good points!))
Mik 22.09.2018
I?m being dishonest?
Dobei 27.09.2018
They say dogs adopt the habits of their parents. ;)
Akilabar 03.10.2018
I've never seen anyone on the internets express this exact opinion. My nerd self is shocked.
Galabar 14.10.2018
How do you know? And maybe try answering the hypothetical, because that kind of issue came up when it was regarding segregated black people.
Kizshura 16.10.2018
Actually, there are. Demonstrably so.
Zululmaran 17.10.2018
Religion may be a human construct to some extent or another, but that doesn't mean God is.
Fetaur 23.10.2018
I did it too. I would delete in shame, but it's more interesting that several of us came to the same instant conclusion.

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