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Arashizragore 17.06.2018
The Bible gives permission to kill a lot of people. It says that the non believer shall know death. Now you can interpret that anyway you like. But to me, its says its okay to kill atheist. Now if you went after all the atheist in the world (those that don't believe in your God) then you could justifiably kill billions.
Mikakinos 18.06.2018
Social issues have always been part of trade. Why else do you think embargoes and sanctions happen? Anyone who claims otherwise is simply uneducated on the subject.
Malacage 24.06.2018
How can people that were enslaving each other before any interaction with other people appropriate the concept of slavery from people they had no contact with? Chattel slavery is a European thing.
Malale 03.07.2018
In 2013, the Economic Policy Institute studied who would be affected by an increase in the minimum wage. Only 25.7% of people getting the minimum wage live in poor households, and fully half living in those making over $40,000, and 30% live in households making over $60,000.
Kijind 11.07.2018
I'm so sorry. (((hugs)))
Nagor 11.07.2018
Wishful but ignorant thinking
Faer 20.07.2018
We are lucky I guess. Our markets are year round, so we get rain. But they are all also held on pavement! No mud, but puddles. ??
Nilmaran 30.07.2018
Its your ignorance..not mine.
JoJozil 01.08.2018
Yes, it is.
Kazrahn 11.08.2018
Same lol. I love them now
Fenrikus 18.08.2018
Murder is the unlawful killing of a human by another human. A weapon cannot murder someone.
Tygole 19.08.2018
And 'help me, my name is Jenny, please call my parents' carved into the floor. Adds to the decor. Serial killer chic is the new thing now.
Gulrajas 28.08.2018
So the religious freedom of the parents trumps the baby's right to not have genital mutilation forced on them?
Mir 02.09.2018
Not to be too harsh: but trans-people can work just fine. There's no need to keep them at home. Send 'em out to the bush to hunt or gather.
Gardajar 10.09.2018
Many didn?t keep their doctor under Obamacare
Nikoran 12.09.2018
You need to focus on the good...even if its just the sunrise or hearing a bird singing in the trees. There is some small beautiful thing you can smile about.
Zulutilar 17.09.2018
Most Christians I know are sincere.
Mokora 18.09.2018
Those don't require religious patronage do they?
Mezizragore 27.09.2018
It seems that way to me, although I ask no-one else to go along with my imagination in that regard...
Nikosida 29.09.2018
Atheism isn't common in these cases.
Gashakar 07.10.2018
I tend to think *most* people that defend racism in any form are racists themselves. Again, MOST, not all.
Jugul 17.10.2018
Eh, not having the greatest day today. Feeling a little in the dumps. :( Not because of anything here though, just the doldrums of life.
Tele 24.10.2018
What are you talking about? My comment isn't a reply to your comment.
JoJogor 28.10.2018
So? explain the rest of society who do just as much damage.
Dusho 06.11.2018
Cost of Doug's plans, over term + outyears where multi-term expenses identified: $40,581,457,280.00 aka 40.5 billion dollars. And that's without the cost of subways or other programs where funds not identified, or stated as 'per current funding level'.
Goltirisar 08.11.2018
None of it.
Zular 13.11.2018
Accept what you wish. Enjoy your enquality in a mans world if you wish it to be that way.
Gagami 15.11.2018
I don't get your complaint. "No one was thinking like me 2000 years ago when they wrote a story!"?
Dagrel 21.11.2018
Are you denying that muslim extremist exist?

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