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Demonstrating your inability to prove the existence of this god of yours and exposing you for the despicable fraud you are.

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Sucked to orgazim
Sucked to orgazim
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Grojora 16.06.2018
Something sexy, like Helga, works.
Mirr 23.06.2018
it's not intended to scare... I'm not the boogie man... you can't wait and Sea? :)
Motilar 24.06.2018
Yet, you cannot refute them. LOL!
Togor 03.07.2018
Good thing it's not about what you think is true but what facts support. And there is a standard profile in America of young, white men being the perpetuators, the grand majority of the time, in mass shootings.
Vuramar 09.07.2018
That is running away said differently. I showed you the correct way.
Zulular 18.07.2018
We have Dennis Rodman going to North Korea to play with a murderous dictator but Lebron refuses to go to the white house? Backwards world. Even the cop that Obama falsely humiliated by telling the world on TV that he acted stupid, went to the white house.
Monos 26.07.2018
So the reason why a sacred transcendent is not supernatural is...?
Kajisar 30.07.2018
Is there no "moral designation" to your actions? Whether in conformance to a group or not is beside the point. The question assumes there is a 'designator'. Who or what would that designator be? I say the designator is wisdom intrinsic to the human mind. We all have that same wisdom which is prior to any sort of indoctrination.
Gosida 09.08.2018
All you did is point out that there are additional definitions of faith that don't apply to the definition I was using. To keep pointing out that there are additional definitions when I've already indicated the definition that I'm using is rather ridiculous.
Malazilkree 12.08.2018
Obama's name keeps coming up when Fox News and Trump keep saying those things.
Akinokasa 20.08.2018
drowning in debt.
Zulkir 27.08.2018
Your statement was not just referring to the Spanish. And Columbus came for religious reasons. He needed the money to get where he was going, but he did it for God.
Dazil 04.09.2018
He sounds like a Keeper! and Congratulations by the way, belated though it evidently is.
Grozahn 11.09.2018
if he refuses the subpoena, won't he be subject to contempt of court charges and a fine?
Kazrazilkree 17.09.2018
it's always allegorical when proven false.....conveniently works for those like our friend KD here that pick and choose what is literal and what isn't....
Mirr 22.09.2018
and let her keep her million dollar movie contracts,sponsors,etc if she's in the biz.
Jukus 27.09.2018
Or in other words...
Vudogrel 03.10.2018
It's also the route taken by the 3,000,000+ naturally occurring still-births and 'miscarriages" that happen every year.
Dazshura 07.10.2018
And my understanding is the word interpreted as eunuch had a much wider connotation than how we use the word eunuch today.
Goltim 09.10.2018
you are asking if an atheist can accept a man-made parable? Kind of a stretch, don't you think?
Voodoojora 10.10.2018
Hi Boris, welcome to the conversation! I happen to agree with you on this point. I have talked to several Bible scholars and they have all raised question as to the tampering of religious text, probably sometime around the 4th century when I believe it was Constantine who requested additions be inserted by catholic monks to make a more compelling narrative when "sharing the gospel" with non believers during the Crusades. This has caused me great concern as I have waded thru much research, with an open mind and a willing heart, trying desparately to discern the truth. This is still an ongoing search for me, which is why I post these contraversal topics and discuss these issues with anyone I can engage with, regardless of faith or religion or neither. As a progressive, I try to give all an equal voice in expressing what you feel and in so doing, I am broadening my perspective on issues the church has turned a blind eye to.
Mezigor 11.10.2018
I think since non-Muslim northern Europeans have pretty much stopped having babies, they're going to need
Faeramar 21.10.2018
Then maybe confront those fringe groups. There are sects who deny medical care to their members. There are all kinds of conspiracy theorists. The vast majority of us are reasonable people, who are not going to get in your face and demand your conversion. You lumping us all together as objects of scorn who mistreat you is on you.
Meztitaxe 31.10.2018
Everyone is entitled to an opinion. I just think of "Raiders of the Lost Ark." At the end when all that power breaks out and people melt and such. Just close your eyes! Fox can't ruin anything if you don't watch it. And contrary to what they say about being "Most watched," there are large numbers of people who don't.
Shaktirisar 04.11.2018
Na, na,that's cool. No apologies needed.You were trying to explain things. That's understandable. :D
JoJok 06.11.2018
what is this world coming to? lol
Shakall 11.11.2018
Just google beaver attacks in Canada to get a different perspective.
Telar 13.11.2018
Nope. I am Johan Abrahams. You can see my Photo there.
Vudot 21.11.2018
Lying to a judge is illegal. They LIED to the judge to get the warrant, RETARD!
Dik 25.11.2018
Which again, isn't supporting your BS claims.
Doutaxe 30.11.2018
My point didn't fail. Muslims marry their cousins. They are inbred and inferior because of centuries of inbreeding. Muslim men are not as virile as Western men and so they must mutilate their females because they cannot satisfy them in the bedroom. Or anywhere else for that matter. The truth hurts don't it?
Maktilar 03.12.2018
Journey on my spiritual path...then you'll get it.
Vojas 04.12.2018
I'm sorry this has happened to you and I am glad you all are physically unharmed. I haven't had experience in fires, other than putting them out (forest ones), but there are those out there who have. Finding them and asking them for help will make navigating the unknown exponentially easier.

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